Today, HISTORAM device moved from the CEA-LETI to the OPTIC CLINIC lab at the CHU of Grenoble. This lab, part of Albert Bonniot Institute (Research Centre UGA/Inserm U1209/CNRS UMR5309), gives the possibility to transfer innovative technologies in the medical environment. The objective is to validate the medical proof-of-concept consolidating preliminary results, comparing our approach to gold standard reference analysis techniques and determining the reliability of the device. In this context, we start preclinical essays on small animal models for a targeted pathology (Head and Neck cancer).

OPTIC CLINIC laboratory is operative since 2012 and is directed by Dr. Jean-Luc Coll, team leader at Albert Bonniot Institute. This laboratory hosts projects for translational research and it is nationally recognized imaging facilities of the France Life Imaging program.

The role of Dr. Coll team is to provide medical-clinical competences, to support for the preclinical and the clinical validation, to compare Historam with other technologies and to promote exchanges with specialist doctors.

For more information about the IAB team of Dr. J-L. Coll, click here.

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