Dr. Strola has been invited by the Société Française de Pathologie (SFP) to give an oral presentation of Historam project at Carrefour Pathologie, held in Paris from 7th to 10th November at Palais des Congrès.

During the Symposium of Novel Microscopies Dr. Strola explained the advantages of the use of Raman Imaging in perspective clinical environments to help pathologists and surgeons for better rapid first diagnostic and in loco therapeutic. The talk was focused in the potential of this emerging technique and in its application in histopathology. In the second part, Dr. Strola shows the recent advancements of his project Historam to strength the imaging techniques based on the morphological microscopy. In particular, the role of a new set of biomarkers (based on the Raman spectroscopy) as potential tool for a functional imaging analysis to understand the oncogenic process was discussed.

Furthermore, the Carrefour Pathologie was a great opportunity to exchange with pathologists, surgeons and oncologists about their unsatisfied needs and to understand the drawbacks related to the state-of-art in the clinical environment.

Report of the conference is available by click here.

More information about Société Française de Pathologie can be found here.